Top 5 wedding trends


What is coming up in the world of weddings? Here is a list of my top five favourite wedding trends this coming season:

1. Sustainable efforts:

There is no denying the wedding industry can produce huge amounts of waste, but we are finding ways to combat that with small but important steps. The dried flowers make a great fresh flower alternative, because florists have the chance to continue using flowers that would have otherwise gone to waste. My personal favourite way to extend your flowers purpose, is to pass on the joy to someone else by donating to a longterm care facility for example. It can be a little extra effort, but worth it for the smiles it brings.

The no floral foam movement is also sweeping the industry as we refrain from using the toxic oasis bricks with chicken wire, paper pulp and moss replacements instead.

Couples are also leaning more towards experience-based gifts, or giving donation favours to guests that cut down tremendously on unnecessary wedding gifts or favours that are often left sitting on a table at the end of the night.

If you are considering a sustainable wedding, try using buy-sell groups, hiring rentals that you know will be used again, and going for a more minimal look with a monotone colour scheme. It will be clean, elegant and cut down on the waste of excess decor.

2. Dried Flowers:

Are you loving this trend? Dried flowers are no longer just for your Grandmother’s kitchen. The fragile beauty of dried flowers and greens makes for such rich texture in an arrangement. It’s a practical option for those who need to set up an installation in advance, or need it to last a good amount of time.

We are also seeing a huge move to sprayed and artificially coloured flowers. While I am much more into the natural beauty of mother nature, it can create some serious wow factor. Please be aware though that these though dried, are not necessarily a sustainable option once they are covered in chemicals.

3. The romantics are back

We are seeing more and more gorgeous pedestal and vessel arrangements flowing over with a soft and romantic mix of florals and fruits, reminiscent of a still life from the romantic period. Floral arches and hanging installations are the new must-have at a wedding, and we can see why! It creates an utterly jaw dropping impression that leaves you feeling like you’ve just stepped into a fairytale. Garden roses and textural fillers are the stars of the show here.

4. Raw nature

Is this the new rustic wedding? Long gone are the old barns and mason jars with lace. Now we are onto appreciating the true beauty that lies in the raw and natural landscape. As we get deeper into our busy lives and our tech, it’s important that the big moments in life be celebrated in the moment and a healthy does of fresh air can really lift you up from the screen. Outdoor venues whether it is a lakeside, forest, desert, field or wildflower garden, they give an extra special charm to the day. It presents a great opportunity for vendors to draw from what is already there and you end up with a more authentic feeling and atmosphere. We see many couples opting for a destination wedding as well, to experience a diverse kind of environment such as the Moroccan desert or the Scottish Highlands.

5. Elaborate Elopements

Elopements have been growing in popularity the past few years as more and more couples chose to put their money towards lifestyle or travel. Elopements allow you to enjoy your moment as a couple in the most “you” way without worrying about others, whether that is a city hall ceremony and a night on the town afterwards, or an exhilarating hike in a remote forest with a close friend as your officiant. Now elopements have become mini events for just the couple, or a few select close ones. It allows you to get your dream arch, dress, location or maybe meal, without having to multiple all costs by about 100 people.

Some couples also choose to elope then throw the big party afterwards. This can be a huge savings and create a light-hearted fun atmosphere at the party on a later date, with less running around and more time to enjoy your guests.


Colour of the season? We’re looking to earthy clays and soft natural tones. Stay tuned for a full colour story coming soon!

Are you putting any of these trends into action? Get in touch! I would love the chance to work with you.

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