The Beginning


Aeipathy Studio is the dream I didn’t know I had.

Campground gathering

Hi, I’m Caitlyn, founder of Aeipathy studio and proclaimed pretty party lover. Since I was a little girl you could find me in the forest collecting leaves and flowers to bring home and decorate the table. I’d spend the next hours carefully arranging and crafting the perfect setting. My Diary entries? Not about which boy was the cutest but instead plans for elaborately themed parties, day-of schedules, and to-do lists. Average 8-year-old stuff.

I never grew out of this underlying passion of mine. I studied Material Art and Design in with a focus on Textile Design. It was a place where I could use my hands and spacial sense in everything I made. I then spent the first few years of my career as a Designer and Art Director for a Danish children’s interior brand. Whether it is designing a product or an experience, I believe in a holistic approach, where every angle and detail is considered.

In addition to design, I love teaching and sharing knowledge, I carry 7 years of experience teaching various aspects of design and craft. The combination of these passions led me to create Aeipathy Studio, a place where I offer design, florals, planning and workshops all in one.

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