A holistic approach


Throughout design school, my professors often gave me positive feedback regarding my “holistic” approach to my projects. At the time, I didn’t realize that it was an approach, after all, shouldn’t all of my work be considered from every angle? But something was different. As an example, I had a project to make a product using natural dyes and I chose to make a collection of bow ties. I also chose not to stop there, but to design a brand identity, package it, include their history, their story, and colour recipe for each individual bow tie, so that my imaginary consumer I created could truly connect to the product. Was this necessary? Not for the grade, but for my understanding of design and way of thinking, I thought it was.

This word and comment followed me into future jobs, projects and events. I fully embrace this idea to think about a project as a whole and feel it can be applied to just about anything. When I approach a new project I think: who will it effect, how will it be done, what colours and materials will represent/ work with it best, how will it reach others or touch others and what will happen when it is done or used. From there one can dig deeper and deeper into the details that have been my passion to explore.

How do I apply this to your event?

  • I consider the couple. Many people are bride-focused, and while many brides are the driving force behind the decor planning, this does not mean the partner should not be involved or considered. I try to create balance in colours and textures that please everyone.

  • I think about the experience on the day. For example, I had a couple dreaming of ivy hanging from the beams of their venue. The only issue was the beams were dark green, and they were not lit which would disguise the ivy completely. Instead of ivy, string lights would make the magic they were hoping for and we could put their floral budget to better use in other areas.

  • I make sure we are on the same page. For larger weddings, I often create a custom Pinterest board, or colour mood that sums up our discussion, your thoughts and mine. It is easy to go into a consultation and say you want a boho style, but you thought dry desert and your florist thought rich forest, I ensure we are speaking the same language.

  • I make sustainable efforts wherever possible. It’s no secret that the floral industry creates waste. I try to combat this through reusing dried materials, eliminating toxic floral foam when possible, pressing old flowers for future uses and even collecting and donating flowers to care homes afterwards, to extend the smile they bring to another.

  • I offer kind and genuine advice. My goal is not to sell, it is to tell stories through gatherings. I will not lead you into buying a service from me, if I don’t believe you need it, or I can see you are struggling to stay on budget. My aim is to help make your dream day come true in the most comfortable way possible for you.

Caitlyn RyallComment