Colour Trend Spot: CLAY & how to use it in any season

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While Pantone’s colour of the year may be a vivid “living coral” we can see a softer sided emerging in fashion, interior and weddings. Call it terracotta, burnt sienna, clay or what you’d like, but there is no doubting these earthy tones are the new white for weddings.

What I love about this trend is the flexibility in shades and hues of the reddish browns. In our decor we have the ability to mix richer and darker baked clays with softer nudes and taupes to create depth in a palette.

Wondering how to incorporate this trendy colour into your event decor? Or are you worried it might be too “Fall” for a June wedding? Fear not! Clay is extremely versatile colour. Here are some pin-able colour palettes of clay, for every season!


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Let’s start with the obvious, autumn leaves, ciders, cosy knits? The warmth of clay fits in perfectly with those fall vibes. Consider pops of ochre along with the clay, and even some black accents for a more edgy look. Fall is also the perfect season to incorporate some dried beauties into the floral design, adding a great spot of texture.


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Clay is a perfect colour to include in your winter palette and a great alternative to a traditional red and green scheme. Add some vintage coloured glass, and metallics for a really rich and textured table scape.


Screen Shot 2019-04-26 at 4.42.38 PM.png

Clay or other warm colours aren’t what first come to mind when we think of spring, but paired with the softest grey-greens and pale nudes, this can create a really sophisticated look for your event. The key here is to focus on a delicate and paired down table, think your decor as the special buds on a tree branch, rather than the fully grown forest.


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For summer, we can be very playful, adding some pinks as accents. In this season, I like to think of the clay colour as a gourmet popsicle, bright in colour but with an icy frost over it. Go for something very graphic and refined, or play up the back garden feel with wild flowers and vintage details.

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